Borderless Education
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We are highly delighted to announce that Desh Bhagat Global School,Mandi Gobindgarh is successfully running international programme BLE (Borderless Education)from last 8 years. In this regard, BLE World gives an award of honour to the respected principal Mrs.Neha Dhall. School has successfully completed requirements with BLE World to become BLE international professional associate. Here we want to mention that BLE is a global citizenship awareness and enhancement body with a commitment to international education to reach this awareness and enhancement. It's mission is to provide access to globally recognised, proven innovative and locally customized knowledge products and services. The key means to reach global citizenship is training and education. BLE provides it's services to elementary and secondary schools, higher education institutions and individuals with a focus on international education. To achieve this goal,DBGS (as a centre of BLE examination) is giving training to students and successfully conducting exam of this international programme. In 2019-20 session, 251 students has been given the exam.In this way,Desh Bhagat Global School helping students to reach BLE goals through acquiring, creating, developing, managing, accrediting, inspecting, lending and licensing knowledge on Global Education and Global Citizenship.


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