Desh Bhagat Global School celebrated clean and green Diwali
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Desh Bhagat Global School celebrated clean and green Diwali and Children’s Day with festive gusto. Online celebration is started with a a special speech by respected principal madam,Mrs Neha Dhall. Students delivered speeches on the significance of the festival and the relevance of eco-friendly celebrations. Various other activities such as ‘Rangoli-making’, ‘candle’ and ‘diya’ decoration, paper decoration, paper lanterns, best out of waste creations, flower arrangement, and card-making contests were organised for all the classes. School Secretary Mrs Tajinder Kaur said that Diwali is a festival of communal harmony, wherein Hindus celebrate the return of Lord Ram at Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile, while Sikhs observe ‘Bandhi Chorr Divas’. She also expressed their views on pollution-free Diwali. Along with this, poem recitation and speech competitions were also organised for the students to celebrate Children’s Day. Students were also enlightened with the contribution of Jawaharlal Nehru and his love and affection towards children as the building blocks of the nation. Some students appeared in online celebration in civil costumes as a part of the celebration. The students were conveyed the message of humanity, self respect, hard work and broad mindedness. School Principal Mrs Neha Dhall greeted the students and boosted them to render their roles as responsible youth of the society.Secretary Mrs Tajinder Kaur  wished the students and blessed them and encouraged them to work diligently and enjoy their childhood a transient phase to optimum.


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